Rick and Morty, Scary Terry and Magick


Recently, I’ve been getting into a brilliant cartoon series, on the Net, called ‘Rick and Morty’ – part of the ‘Adult Swim’ stable.

If you’ve never heard of it, check out the following link:



The pilot isn’t great,


but the second episode is good:




*Spoiler ALERT! – Watch episode (at least twice) before continuing!*






Ok, done it?


The episode contains two stories. Jerry asks Rick to try and make his dog ‘smarter’ so that it doesn’t pee on the carpet, (with consequences!) and Rick and Morty plan to enter the dreams of Morty’s Maths teacher, Goldenfold to make him give Morty ‘A’ grades in maths.  (On the way, referencing the films ‘Lawnmower Man’, Inception’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’.)

In Jerry’s story,  Snuffles the dog does not want to be called by his ‘slave name’ anymore. He wants to be called ‘Snowball’.  That was the name of the main protagonist (and Leon Trotsky stand-in) in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. The ensuing war between the humans and dogs parallels the battle between the creatures of Animal Farm and their human masters.

In the book, the rebellious animals slowly turn into the farmers they had fought against, and the final scene shows pigs standing on two feet and wearing clothes, completing the final transformation into their human overlords.

In Rick and Morty, with help from inception, a dystopian nightmare is averted when Snowball realises he’s slowly turning into everything he always hated about humanity.

In the second story, Rick and Morty sneak into Mr Goldenfold’s home, (earth) and after nodding off whilst watching soap actress Mrs. Pancakes, is ‘incepted’ by Rick and Morty.

In Goldenfold’s first dream, they’re in an airplane, (air) things don’t go to plan, and they escape into Mrs Pancakes dream ( Goldenfold’s sub-dream) in which he fantisises about her as a ‘madam’ of this kinky sex club (masked dwarves and all – a nod to Kubrick’s eyes wide shut?)  with blue fire (fire of water) in the background.

After being ‘unmasked’ as imposters, they incept the centaur, and his dream is a scary basement lit red (fire) in which we meet ‘Scary Terry’ -“Looks like some sort of  legally-safe knock-off of an eighties horror character, with minature swords for fingers instead of knives” says Rick!

Trying to escape further, all they have is the little girl, and her dream is  the same as the previous one!  (Spiritual fire) “Looks like we hit dream bedrock here, Morty”  and guess what?  Scary Terry’s here too!

“Oh shit Morty,  he can travel through dreams – he can travel through dreams! We’re so screwed!!”

But after turning Scary Terry’s catchphrase “You can run, but you can’t hide, bitch!” on it’s head, and hiding, Scary Terry gives up and returns home  – to his wife, Scary Melissa, and his son, Scary Brandon!

Remember, all this is going on in maths teacher Goldenfold’s head –  Contrast this scene with the reality of his own life:


divorced and single, no real social life to speak of,  we see that Scary Terry is his subconscious  – as a matter of fact, Scary Terry is the same as our own subconscious – the reason he is ‘scary’ is that he is scary to our conscious self – we don’t know his motivations, or what he will do next – so we will always try to suppress him –  but how? – back to the story!

Our two then find even Scary Terry has nightmares!  But when they enter his head, we see what scares Scary Terry – Late for class, not wearing his trousers and being badgered by an overbearing John Houseman – like teacher:


That teacher is how Goldenfold sees himself which is nothing like reality- it’s his overinflated Ego  which keeps  Scary Terry (the subconscious) in check, and it’s up to Rick and Morty to chase the Ego away and resolve Scary Terry’s nightmare.

What they’ve done is to recognise the subconscious and engage with it, finding out what it needs and providing it, while making sure the Ego doesn’t get up to it’s tricks and ruin the whole process.

In the realm of any endeavour, including Magick, the Ego is your most powerful adversary – as my father used to say, “You are your own worst enemy”

In the Kabbalah, there is a area just above the spheres of Hod and Netzach, just before Tipareth, known as the ‘Veil of Paroketh’.

Some sources see it as the veil of illusion, in which the Ego is reflected which makes the egotistical self choose the wrong path and go in completely the opposite direction :

The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion

So, instead of advancing up the tree, you go downward – instead of moving up Pascal’s triangle, simplifying the equation and getting rid of the ‘ordeals’ of ‘I’ plus ‘X’  you head down the triangle, multiplying the ordeals, till you drown in the infinite sea of numbers!

A magickal teacher had a saying;  “You have to take  responsiblity for all your actions” That means no putting the blame on to others, no lying to yourself!

So the first lesson in magick is to ‘leave your ego outside the door’ or better still, get rid of it ( ! ) and what you are is ‘your true self’ – no ego armour to protect you,  no mask to hide behind,  you are you – warts and all, this is your ‘True Self’  and ‘Scary Terry’ is scary no more!


The Egotistical self…….



‘Scary Terry!’


The ‘True Self’  has access to the subconscious, and this is where magick works!

All the paraphernalia of ritual, overloads the conscious and acts directly on the subconscious, and the results can take a while – but if you have a ‘gut feeling’ – a positive emotional response – ( which can include tears! ) to what you’ve experienced, then the ritual has done it’s job.

So, the boys have freed ‘Scary Terry’ from his cage, and he goes up through the dream levels,   literally cutting through the ego blockages that Goldenfold  has – He hated the little girl’s song; The Centaur’s halves ( human and animal ) don’t belong together;  and he slices Mrs Pancakes,  saying  ‘sex is sacred!’         (And look at how the ego has totally FUBAR’ed that aspect of humanity!)

And finally, with  Goldenfold, Terry gets him to give Morty an ‘A’ in Maths!

So, next time you  see Scary Terry in your nightmare, Have a chat, and give him my regards!

“Awwww, Biiitch!!”



Maat Kheru,