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What’s it all about?

The main aim of this website is to present an alternative symbolic structure to the traditional Qabalah called ‘The Two Trees’. In this model, both The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden form the basis of a symbolic system which, when mapped onto the Taoist concept of Yin-Yang, brings the structured interpretation of the Western Tradition to the dynamism of the Eastern Tradition, or alternately, allows the East to breathe Life into the ‘bones’ of the West. The Two Trees details a cyclic mode of spiritual progression in comparison to the traditional, linear path from material to spiritual which forms the basis of many esoteric and exoteric traditions.

The site relies on the reader having some prior knowledge of Western esoteric philosophy, specifically the Western Qabalah, though links to background material will be given where possible. The main theory is outlined in the article on Jacob’s Ladder. Some historical background may help as a place to begin while its role within analysis of hierarchy will give it context and relevance in a modern social context. The dynamic element of the system may give an alternative view of a much maligned figure. Finally the blog will be an ongoing effort to further elucidate and explore the Two Trees in all aspects of our current reality and its shaping. We welcome you to join us in this process of discovery.

Sid and Meni